The responsible denim fashion event​

The responsible denim fashion event​

Denim Fashion District

See you in Milan on 5 & 6 June for the next edition of PV Denim Fashion District.

The Denim Fashion District concept

Launched in May 2022 during the first Berlin edition of the Denim Première Vision show, this creative space brings together the collections of some fifteen ready-to-wear and accessory brands with a special focus on the world of denim.

Upcycling labels, young designers, established brands and rising denim figures will meet for 2 days in a space specially designed for the occasion, where they will be introducing capsule collections created in partnership with the show’s exhibitors.

The brands of the 5th edition


Roy Roger’s

Roy Roger’s is the first blue jeans in American denim designed and made in Italy. Eclectic, functional, versatile, resistant, practical and durable.

1952. The American dream arrives in Italy with Roy Roger’s. Back then, young Francesco, the founder of the brand, entered into a partnership with Cone Mills Corporation of New York, one of the largest suppliers of denim made in the USA. Today, Roy Roger’s are the result of a constant search for top quality materials and ongoing experimentation with innovative washes, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. But most importantly, most of its success comes from the ability to rework historical models to conceive new ways of wearing and experiencing blue jeans. At Denim Première Vision, Roy Roger’s will present Roy Roger’s x Dave’s NY.

A collection that is made up of iconic workwear items such as work pants, work jackets, and oversized shirts available in jacquard denim and canvas with a stone-washed and tie-dye effect in winter colors. The look is completed by T-shirts and sweatshirts with vintage prints from the 60’s, coming from the Roy Roger’s and Dave’s New York archives, and new wool garments with canvas inserts.

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Roy Rogers

Carrera Jeans

Carrera Jeans

Founded in 1965 in Verona by three brothers and a pioneer in the production of Italian denim, Carrera Jeans is a one-of-a-kind company that stands out for the innovative approach of its integrated supply chain.

The secret of its success lies in the ability to combine cutting-edge technologies with the artisanal care of the product, to transform a delicate flower like cotton into comfortable and resistant products.

Carrera has an important peculiarity: it controls the entire supply chain, from the producer to the final consumer. From the cotton fields to the processing of the product on site, from distribution to the sales and promotion phases. Carrera’s integrated supply chain, in addition to manufacturing high quality products, makes a real contribution to society and the planet. Indeed, it provides dignified work for thousands of people which contributes to reducing greenhouse gases. This, thanks to the non-circulation of trucks between the different production phases.

Carrera supports the hand-picking of cotton, which, in addition to being much more sustainable for the soil and the local community, allows the best cotton to be selected only when it is naturally ready, without the need for chemical products to accelerate its maturation.

In Carrera’s integrated supply chain, Italian design combines with the textile and tailoring experience of Tajikistan to give life to a unique product: Carrera Jeans.

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Fade out Label

Founded by Andrea Bonfini, FADE OUT LABEL was born in Berlin in early 2015.

Unisex, zero waste and unique clothing with an oversized cut in deconstructed vintage denim and upcycled natural fabrics, this is what the FADE OUT LABEL collections are made of.

The brand develops and produces innovative, handcrafted quality clothing in its Berlin workshop, which, thanks to the use of recycled materials, becomes one-of-a-kind handmade pieces that are still reproducible but always different.

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Fade Out Label DFD 24

Stripes Of-f Road DFD June 24

Stripes Of-f Road

Paola Verzini and her husband Michele founded the Stripes Of-f Road accessory brand in Verona, Italy in 2007. Instilled with a passion for tailoring and craftsmanship by her tailor parents, Paola still follows this sartorial philosophy in the production of the Stripes Of-r Road bag and accessory collections.

The brand works mainly to order and offers the possibility to personalize the design, from the inner and outer fabrics to the yarns and zips.

Passionate about the world of denim, the designer couple has for several years been pursuing upcycling with the use of high quality, durable and non-fading Italian denim fabrics.

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Hen’s Teeth

Passionate about the arts in all their forms, from music to painting, Davide Biondi chose to make a career in denim, his second passion. Being a creator at heart, he founded Hen’s Teeth with the aim of designing a set of timeless pieces that would cover every need. The key idea behind his work was to be able to slip all your essentials into a single bag.

For his collections, which are rigorously crafted in Italy, he draws inspiration from what he considers “immortal icons” – garments with a history that transcends fashions and eras. Constantly on the lookout for new skills and ways to develop his brand without ever sacrificing its authenticity, Davide Biondi is keen to keep it confidential and as rare as a hen with teeth.

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Hen's Teeth Denim Fashion District June 24

Anna Galaganenko Denim Fashion District 2023

Anna Galaganenko

A rising star in the denim world, Anna Galaganenko started out as a mono brand for shirts. Today, her range has expanded but retains the same ambition: to be a brand rooted in the present, responding to the challenges of today’s world.

Very attached to her Milanese roots, Anna has her creations made in the North of Italy, in her studio or in the workshops where Dior, Etro or Balenciaga collections are also crafted. Like these great names, she uses carefully selected materials, whose high quality can be recognised at first touch. However, as a testament to the label’s commitment to sustainability, shirts and jeans samples are developed from used men’s clothing.

Just two years after its creation, in 2019, Anna Galaganenko took part in Paris Fashion Week and asserted its key pieces: garments enhanced with a kaleidoscope of fabric and denim snippets. The latest collections draw on this experimentation with textiles. Anna reinvents the material by giving a second life to her suppliers’ scraps: silk becomes patchwork, denim returns to its thread-like state and is transformed into a new piece. A beautiful example appears in the November 2023 Denim Première Vision campaign.

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SPOT is an emerging clothing brand with a focus on denim. It was founded by Marco Tiezzi, who honed his skills at Karl Lagerfeld, Tommy Hilfiger, Balmain and J.W. Anderson. He used his expertise to create a brand of high quality products, with a focus on sustainability. Originally designed for a mainly female audience, SPOT is now also broadening its horizons to male and genderless garments.

With a strong sensitivity towards environmental issues, SPOT relies exclusively on laundries specialised in the treatment of denim fabrics, using technologies and processes aimed at minimising water waste. These laundries use innovative practices, such as water recycling systems and optimised washing cycles. With a continuous search for innovation, a careful study of washings and impeccable details, the brand aims at offering clothes that reflect the personality and celebrate the beauty and diversity of the people who choose them.

SPOT is also committed to promoting Italian excellence, therefore using fine fabrics and high-quality materials, and working with prestigious Italian and European manufacturers. The brand only makes one exception to this rule, by collaborating with Kuroki, a Japanese denim mill.

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SPOT Jeans Denim Fashion District 2024

KseniaSchnaider DFD June 24


Founded in 2011 in Kyiv, Ukraine, KSENIASCHNAIDER is a synthesis of fashion design reasoning from Ksenia Schnaider and engineering logic from Anton Schnaider, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo behind the brand.

The singularity of KSENIASCHNAIDER is an innovative design approach and strong focus on sustainability. The brand’s DNA involves denim in all of its forms. Designers have been proven to be active players in the avant-garde denim niche created meme-jeans: asymmetrical jeans, cowboy jeans, denim fur jeans, etc. Their demi-denims were a global phenomenon, cherished by fashion aficionados worldwide.

Having an in-house production the brand is producing its garments locally in Kyiv, Ukraine. With one-third of their creations crafted from recycled fabrics, they annually repurpose up to 6 tons of used jeans, and 3 tons of fabric waste and leftowers. Each piece uniquely narrating the story of eco-conscious fashion and design-minus-design philosophy. 

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Vintage Afropicks

Vintage Afropicks is a project born in 2010, with the aim of opening a vintage shop that would go beyond the simple sale of vintage clothing. With a passion for fashion and subcultures, designer Tiziana Savino created a line of upcycling vests made from traditional Abruzzo blankets, a mini capsule of vintage kawaii-inspired garments using Japanese fabrics and a line of T-shirts hand-screened with ancient Japanese kamons. Each piece is a unique work of art, the result of the brand’s dedication to tradition and quality craftsmanship.

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Manifattura Ceccarelli Denim Fashion District June 24

Manifattura Ceccarelli

Manifattura Ceccarelli was born in Forlì, in Northern Italy, close to the Casentinesi Forests and the Natural Reserve of Sasso Fratino, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This territory and its landscapes have always been fundamental for Giuliano Ceccarelli, the founder of Manifattura Ceccarelli, and have always influenced his work.

Inspired by his experience with brand Filson and backed by his excellence in the technical world of outdoor clothing, both as a distributor and a manufacturer, Giuliano Ceccarelli founded Manifattura Ceccarelli in 1998.

The brand offers technical, outdoor-inspired garments with a modern twist, made for everyday life, whether it be in the mountains or in the city. Entirely made in Italy, the collections are characterised by their exclusive use of natural raw materials such as Panno Grosso del Casentino, a fabric made from wool yarn in natural colors, pure virgin wool for the padding of jackets and cotton treated with natural paraffins.

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The collections from Madson illustrate the key values of a “zero-mile” supply chain. They are made from sustainable, recycled materials, using production methods with a low environmental impact: dyeing techniques requiring limited water consumption, certified eco-friendly colors, etc. Special attention is also paid to finishes and details, to ensure the originality and high quality of the products.

For Madson, being a sustainable company isn’t just an end goal, but first and foremost a tangible and shared value.

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Madson Denim Fashion District

Daily Blue by Adriano Goldshmied

Daily Blue by Adriano Goldschmied

In 1974, Adriano Goldschmied, often called the godfather of denim, created his first premium jeans brand: Daily Blue.

Almost 50 years after its birth, the new Daily Blue reinvented by Adriano Goldschmied has the same energy, the same thirst for innovation and the same enthusiasm, not to bring a replica of what has been, but to define what is and what will be. Injecting the dynamism of the times into the present and the future.

Inspired by the 70s, the new Daily Blue collection consists of twenty pieces, jeans, shirts, jackets and overalls. Adriano Goldschmied uses luxurious Japanese denim fabrics, environmentally friendly washes and treatments and simple yet modern cuts to create a chic and timeless denim wardrobe.

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