The responsible denim fashion event​

The responsible denim fashion event​

Denim Fashion District

See you in Milan on 22 & 23 November for the next edition of PV Denim Fashion District.

The Denim Fashion District concept

Launched in May 2022 during the first Berlin edition of the Denim Première Vision show, this creative space brings together the collections of some fifteen ready-to-wear and accessory brands with a special focus on the world of denim.

Upcycling labels, young designers, established brands and rising denim figures will meet for 2 days in a space specially designed for the occasion, where they will be introducing capsule collections created in partnership with the show’s exhibitors.

Brands that participated in the last edition


Michiko Koshino

Daughter of the famous Japanese fashion designer Ayako Koshino, Michiko Koshino worked in her mother’s boutique from an early age and gained first-hand experience in fashion.

In 1974, she graduated from Bunka Fukuso Gakuin College of Design and traveled to London to pursue her career as a fashion designer right out of college. In London, Michiko Koshino created her own brand and never missed a season of London Fashion Week since 1977.

Her avant-garde designs, incorporating futuristic elements, bold colors and unconventional materials, such as PVC or neoprene, quickly became very popular, especially in the London club culture.

At the 1996 London Fashion Week, Michiko launched YEN denim, offering a limited edition Japanese denim collection that immediately propelled the label to cult status.

Her clothes have been worn by some of the biggest stars in music, from David Bowie to Boy George, the Spice Girls, Placebo and Natalie Imbruglia. Throughout her career, Michiko Koshino will be recognized for her incredibly innovative designs and her unique contribution to the fashion industry.

Denim Première Vision is now proud to welcome her to Berlin, where she will exhibit a selection of her most iconic creations in the new edition of the PV Denim Fashion District.

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Ksenia Schnaider

Ukrainian designer Ksenia Schnaider, along with husband Anton, founded KSENIASCHNAIDER in 2011.

The brand is known for its sustainable use of materials and wide range of ready-to-wear garments, reworked pieces, upcycled items, and accessories for both men and women.

KSENIASCHNAIDER has become a pioneer in the avant-garde denim niche, creating novel designs such as asymmetrical jeans, demi-denims, cowboy jeans, and denim fur jackets. All collections are manufactured in the brand’s premises in Kiev, Ukraine.

Ksenia Schnaider also designed the new fun and surreal campaign image for the upcoming Denim PV Berlin.

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British designer of men’s fashion and founder of the brand Denzilpatrick, Daniel Gayle is very involved in eco-responsibility and pays particular attention to the sourcing of his materials and the traceability of his creations.

The brand Denzilpatrick’s idea is to go a little slower, be thoughtful and create a meaningful connection between the communities that produce the clothes and those who wear them.

Daniel Gayle wants to create a company that prioritizes sustainability within a safe, equitable and supportive work environment over endless expansion, while designing high quality garments using materials in innovative and low impact ways.

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Fade out Label

Founded by Andrea Bonfini, FADE OUT LABEL was born in Berlin in early 2015.

Unisex, zero waste and unique clothing with an oversized cut in deconstructed vintage denim and upcycled natural fabrics, this is what the FADE OUT LABEL collections are made of.

The brand develops and produces innovative, handcrafted quality clothing in its Berlin workshop, which, thanks to the use of recycled materials, becomes one-of-a-kind handmade pieces that are still reproducible but always different.

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Leon Emanuel Blanck

Leon Emanuel Blanck is a one of the leading avant-garde fashion brands.

As a result of designer Leon Emanuel Blanck’s unique design approach called Anfractuous Distortion, his creations are based on modeling from pieces of fabric wrapped directly around a moving body.

Leon Emanuel Blanck draws his inspiration mostly from nature and organic structures such as leaves or veins with a dash of science-fiction. Every item is handmade in his Berlin studio with a strong focus on high quality materials combined with a highly innovative approach on design.

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Resap Paris

RESAP PARIS was created in 2020 by Daphne Grembenguia and Mona Boujtita. The brand defines itself as an upcycling house whose mission is to democratize the practice and offer the possibility to a whole generation to dress in accordance with its values.

Specialized in the creation of upcycled pieces in patchwork, the brand makes many clothes and accessories from recycled denim. Its universe is urban and young.

All pieces are made in Paris and some can be made on demand.

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Common Parts

Based in Romania, Common Parts is one of the most promising labels in the growing upcycling ecosystem in Eastern Europe.

Common Parts is a luxury women’s clothing brand that works with textile waste resulting from the cutting process in garment factories or other types of discarded fabrics, and aims for a “zero waste” process for the entire production cycle.

Designer Ana Dinuta works with collections composed of classic patterns and cuts, with minimal alterations, deconstructed in a modular way and patchwork-like textures, as well as handmade seams and appliqués.

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The Sparkle Collection

The Sparkle Collection by Karen Chan is a Hong Kong fashion brand illustrating a luxurious and fun lifestyle that defines itself as cultural and artistic. Its motto: Be colorful! Be funky!

Sparkle Collection develops several different lines each season, including an eco-friendly denim collection using sustainable indigo denim, laser cut patterns and patchwork.

Traditional Chinese elements such as mandarin collars and knot buttons are the hallmarks of the Sparkle Collection denim designs and help bridge the gap between Western and Eastern fashion.

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In Latin, Regeneratio means “being born again”. Regenes is not a brand, but rather a metaphor; it is the rebirth of a place: Genoa, through the regeneration of its own fabric: jeans.

The two designers behind Regenes work with jeans scraps from industrial production, recycled jeans brought directly by people or with what they find in local markets.

They restore, repair, renovate and remake, rejecting the linear economy of “take-make-dispose”. They advocate for a circular approach where value is created by preserving what exists and transforming each piece into a new unique piece.

Something you keep improving instead of throwing away.

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Tiia Maria Jaakkola

Tiia Maria Jaakkola is a Finnish fashion designer currently living in Denmark.

Her creations are a blend of two opposites. She merges two unexpected elements into one strong concept and each creation is motivated by art and sociological factors.

Her goal is to highlight the sociological problems facing our society, to raise questions and to discuss these important issues.

For her, fashion is about more than just pretty clothes. Sustainability and politics are, in a way, a matter of the heart.

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Community is at the heart of Parisian label 8IGB‘s concept as it was born in a small building at n°8 Impasse Grosse Bouteille in Paris; a utopian and community place whose doors are always open.

The concept of 8IGB community clothing was born from the desire to give a very intimate and free dimension to clothing, with a certain love of bad taste mixed with a poetic and decadent vision of life. Easy shapes for difficult prints.

The brand often takes inspiration from seemingly unappealing or non-fashionable individuals, with a real obsession with the marginalized, making them desirable and whimsical with eye-catching graphics and bright colors.

The DNA of 8IGB clothing can be summarized in one word: general diversion.

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Therapy Berlin

Therapy Berlin is a research on identity and self-expression through the creative reuse of materials in fashion. THERAPY was born in Berlin in 2012 and was founded by two sisters separated by the Atlantic Ocean and united by the same passion: Angie and Poli Aguirre, based respectively in Berlin, Germany and Cordoba, Argentina.

“We are an immigrant-female run fashion upcycling project. We work at two locations sourcing materials locally and producing only upcycled clothing and accessories. Our raw material is 90% second hand, vintage or discarded. We produce unique items and small series beyond trends and genders.”

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Daily Blue by Adriano Goldschmied

In 1974, Adriano Goldschmied, often called the godfather of denim, created his first premium jeans brand: Daily Blue.

Almost 50 years after its birth, the new Daily Blue reinvented by Adriano Goldschmied has the same energy, the same thirst for innovation and the same enthusiasm, not to bring a replica of what has been, but to define what is and what will be. Injecting the dynamism of the times into the present and the future.

Inspired by the 70’s, the new Daily Blue collection consists of twenty pieces, jeans, shirts, jackets and overalls. Adriano Goldschmied uses luxurious Japanese denim fabrics, environmentally friendly washes and treatments and simple yet modern cuts to create a chic and timeless denim wardrobe.

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Kentroy Yearwood

Kentroy Yearwood has lived in Amsterdam for over 20 years. After leaving his native Curaçao, the designer studied fashion design at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium.

In 2005, he created the brand Intoxica and immediately stood out on the global fashion scene with his 100% denim collections developed from organic and eco-friendly materials.

Since 2010, Kentroy Yearwood has been working under his own name, always with a special sensitivity for denim.

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Stripes Of-f Road

Paola Verzini and her husband Michele founded the Stripes Of-f Road accessory brand in Verona, Italy in 2007. Instilled with a passion for tailoring and craftsmanship by her tailor parents, Paola still follows this sartorial philosophy in the production of the Stripes Of-r Road bag and accessory collections.

The brand works mainly to order and offers the possibility to personalize the design, from the inner and outer fabrics to the yarns and zips.

Passionate about the world of denim, the designer couple has for several years been pursuing upcycling with the use of high quality, durable and non-fading Italian denim fabrics.

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Milena Andrade

Milena Andrade is an Italian-born Brazilian designer with a passion for perfect jeans.

Launched in Milan in 2017, her women’s denim brand combines her Brazilian roots, Made in Italy craftsmanship, creativity, innovation, and quality.

Committed to eco-responsibility, the brand recovers scraps and old fabric stocks to give them a new life, reducing textile waste but also limiting the use of natural resources.

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